Thursday, February 24, 2011

Others Experiences-Further Information

This post will shed further light on the post containing the pictures of the swollen eye. It gives details, and will hopefully address some questions about what, exactly, happened. The emailer wishes to remain anonymous.

I am a hairdresser and make up artist by career. I spent several years working for MAC Cosmetics before I decided to go to cosmetology school.  Because of that, the only pigments/other products I have ever used are MAC.  In the last 14 years, I have used MAC exclusively both personally, on my clients, and at various trade shows around the country.  Clients often bring me gifts, and that is how I discovered GlitterSniffer Cosmetics. One of my clients came in one day for an up-do and brought in her "Glittermail" that she had picked up on the way to her appointment.  She asked me if I could do her make up as well, and I agreed.  

As I did her make up, I was commenting that the colors were beautiful.  I asked her several questions, and she finally just handed me an UNOPENED jar of pigment and said, "Try it for yourself; I'm sure you'll love it."  I accepted a jar of Medium Rare and House of Horrors.  Again, these jars were unopened and unused.  She said that she had the same colors at home, and that these were just repeats.

That night after my shower, I decided to play in the make up and test it out.  If it wore well, I had planned to use it at an upcoming show that I was doing.  The first color I tried was House of Horrors.  Immediately, my eye started to burn and water.  Before this, I had never had any type of reaction to make up, and I've been wearing it for a long time.  Anyway, I decided to wash my hands and try my other eye, thinking that maybe it was my contact or something.  I applied my primer, and again put on the pigment.  Again, my eye began to water and burn.  I removed the make up, and put it away.  I contacted my client about it, and she said that she hadn't had a reaction.  

I went to bed that night, and when I woke up... My eye was swollen shut (see photos).  I took photos and went to my physician.  It was determined that the ingredients in the House of Horrors "pigment" had damaged the soft tissue around my eye and caused a reaction.  They asked me for specifics about the ingredients of the product, and it occurred to me that there weren't ingredients listed.  I was immediately advised against using the product, and referred to the CDC/FDA to report the cosmetics.  

This injury wound up costing me several thousand dollars in medical bills after testing, appointments, ointments, drops, and other specialists.  In addition, I had to miss a huge national event that I was scheduled to attend because my eye was literally swollen shut, and I was unable to represent myself in a professional way.  Lucky for me, my reputation was not damaged, and the injury helped me spread the word to other professionals in my field about the danger of this company.
I would again like to thank anonymous for sharing.


  1. Ok, I read the blog and the complaints page. However, I have not ceased using or ordering from Glittersniffer. What I have to say is this... how can all of you women who are "trying to spread the truth" expect people to truly want to listen to what you say when you make negative comments about the people still using GS products?? Also- the other night a woman who liked the GS Complaints page disagreed with the action the admin was taking, so you women berated her for not conforming. One woman in particular actually told her that if she didn't like what was being done and said that she should leave. Now, if I recall correctly, those same actions are very similar to what you people claim Lela's "Glitter Army" does. Multiple people who post on the page are constructive and informative and it is good to read what THEY have to say, but I must say, the people who are vindictive make it increasingly difficult to want to read and learn more. Please, someone take the time to share this with the members of the Glittersniffer Complaints page so that perhaps you all will be able to continue informing people like the page was intended for.
    (Just for the record, everything I have said does not apply to the admins at all. They do a wonderful job of attempting to keep the catty behavior to a minimum)

  2. Dear anon:

    Let me get this straight... although Lela has
    1) Not given promised money to charity
    2) Not refunded customers who have sent recalled pigments to her
    3) Not responded at all to the people who have been badly injured by her selling UNSAFE pigments with no warnings attached
    4) Resold the recalled pigments after stating they would be discarded
    5) Marketed unsafe, harmful products to children
    6) 'Misplaced' dozens, possibly hundreds of packages, for which people have NOT been compensated

    And after all this and more, you are still buying from her and using her products?

    Can I ask... and I do not mean to be negative, or sarcastic, I am sincerely curious...
    Does customer service not matter to you?
    Do FDA regulations not matter to you?
    Are you honestly unconcerned by the severe reactions people have had to her products?

    Because honestly, I do not understand how after all that has been reported - and not just by this blog, but by other bloggers as well - you can feel at all safe and confident continuing to be a customer of Glittersniffer Cosmetics.

  3. OK, I have had NO customer service issues. I have had no adverse reactions to Glittersniffer cosmetics. Why should I make a decision on something based on the say so of other people? But that is me personally. The point of my post was to simply say that perhaps everyone should continue basing their posts on FACTS and not opinions. If you feel that it is more important to question a person based on their continued use then it is to inform them, then what exactly do you think is going to happen? People will stop listening. If you yell people will hear, but if you continue to do nothing but yell, people will go deaf.
    I read this blog to inform myself. So I haven't ceased involvement with glittersniffer, shall you chose to crucify me for it? Because that is what a lot of this seems to come down to. People who continue use of GS are a "cult", are consider part of the "glitter army"... do you know that people from the GS pages read the blog and FB page to INFORM THEMSELVES? I know I, personally, find it to be less than productive to go to the page to read the bashing of GS consumers that occurs. NO- we are not stupid people. I am taking the steps to inform myself, so I haven't made a decision yet... do you think that the negativity of the complaints page is going to help me do that??? Nope. Perhaps it would be best to cease taking two steps forward then one step back.
    Way to miss the entire point of what I was saying.
    And just as a side note... I am anonymous... so is GS Truths... so are, I'm sure I have seen multiple people post on the page, other people. Why is it so awful for me to remain anonymous? Because I'm saying something you guys don't like? I am not here to defend GS, and I shouldn't be required to defend myself... don't feign curiosity to get your snide comments in.

  4. Anonymous- Thank you for your comments. I'd first like to say that I posted your comment to the page as per your request. There are some responses, should you wish to read them.

    In terms of the page I have to say that I have observed some changes. There has been an influx of members over the last week, many of whom were loyal fans of GS. Along with that influx comes some very dynamic personalities. There is bound to be a natural settling in period as they learn the posting guidelines and cope with what has happened to them.

    Due to the nature of the situation emotions run high. Regrettable things are said on both sides. It is my sincere hope that you can look past that as the page goes through some growing pains and see some value in the factual information being presented.

    I wholeheartedly apologize if you felt attacked, either personally or as a fan. That was never my intent in starting the blog or the page. There have been some comments on the page that can be construed as meanspirited. They are coming from a place of hurt and betrayal. These peoples trust has been broken, then they were verbally attacked by Lela en masse, simply for wanting honest answers. This does not excuse the behavior, but I hope it can explain it.

    I will bring your concerns to the Admins and they will decide how best to handle the situation.

    In terms of your continued use of GlitterSniffer Cosmetics I can only continue to present information in hopes that it will inform your decision. I am glad that you have not had a negative experience and I hope that continues going forward.

  5. "OK, I have had NO customer service issues. I have had no adverse reactions to Glittersniffer cosmetics. Why should I make a decision on something based on the say so of other people?"

    It's called compassion. I haven't been personally murdered by a serial killer, but I still oppose serial killers. Lela has harmed HUNDREDS of people and defrauded thousands more. She has physically injured people with her products, threatened, harassed, and broken dozens of laws.

    In supporting her, you are giving her the justification and financial backing to continue harming others.

  6. Goodness Gracious Anastasia!! You are so right!?! How did anyone miss this side effect of using GS?! Using Glittersniffer Cosmetics must have decreased my compassion for other people!! OH NO!!!
    I mean come on, are you serious?? You can sum up who I am based on 2 posts? You actually have a justified cause for saying I don't have compassion? Just for the record, I don't order MASS AMOUNTS of make up from GS, just some. So, essentially, make up, in amount equal to that of filling a small car with gas maybe twice is in FACT causing the pain of all the women who have had adverse reactions to GS?? WOW!
    Show me your compassion Anastasia... Have you donated money to help people pay medical bills? Have you given people money in place of the money they lost?
    This is EXACTLY the point of my first and second posts. I am not against Lela, so that makes me a BAD PERSON?! However I am here, learning about the FACTS of GS, instead of blindly ignoring it, and that makes me wrong? God forbid I be given an opportunity to come to a decision in my own time.
    Perhaps I should high tail it to confession and ask for forgiveness of the sin that is glittersniffer use.

    Grace- I think the blog is well written and informative. I am sorry I have not quit using GS, but do reserve the right to use it and remain informed. Which I am sure you understand. I think you're doing a wonderful job with what you are doing, and have nothing but the utmost respect for people like you who simply want to inform and not hurt people.

  7. Anonymous- I wish you nothing but the best. And there's no need to apologize for continued use of GS. You are well aware of the risks. I provided information, you informed yourself and made your choice. That's really all I can ask.

    I will be closing comments on this post, as I believe everything that needs to be said has been.

    Good luck and be well.


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