Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Others Experiences

More stories, one with some insight as to why exactly customers might have stayed with GlitterSniffer Cosmetics for so long. All stories are published with permission, but as has been my practice, anonymously.

The first story has been edited at the previous request of a non GS employee who is no longer affiliated with the company to remove their identity. This request was made and honored long ago. Though the circumstances have now changed I have yet to obtain permission to identify the person (a failing completely on my part) so it will be redacted.
I have my reasons for not telling my GSC story previously. It's not as bad as mosts story, but it just kinda makes me go hmmm. Ok so my first GSC purchases were at the end of ETSY. I bought two of the PIF's right before closing. They came together in the same package and on time, although kind of a disappointment. She mentioned that the more PIF's you bought, the more product you would receive, and well lets just say it was lacking. In between ETSY closing and waiting for the GS website to open, I purchased several pigments from girls trying to destash. One of which was the 80's collection. I posted on the fan page that I was looking for it. Lela even told me who might have it, but gave me no mention that it was not eye approved. I had no clue about that until the recall came out. Once the website launched I made 5 purchases totaling 154.39, that was just in September. Also made 3 more purchases from girls that had older ETSY colors that were no longer available. I also ordered a custom order totaling $23 that never arrived, along with face fixers totaling $25 which also never arrived. I also purchased several of the custom collections she came out with. Emails went back and forth for weeks regarding those two that never came, and I never received any type of shipment confirmation or anything regarding them. I posted on the fan page saying things like "I think the PO ate my glitter" just to get attention. After a few posts on the fan page Robin (Note: Robin was until recently a publicly identified employee of GS) emailed me to tell me she brought my order to Lelas attention. Which right there told me her emails were a lie. One email would say that it had already shipped, another would say that it was shipping soon. Then she would ask what the order was. Once she told me she had no idea what I was talking about and so on and so forth. Finally I asked for a refund. I had to ask 3 times before I got it. In the second email I told her that when she refunded me I was going to turn around and order something else off the website. I really believe that is the only reason she refunded me. But it still took one more email, that one her excuse was that she lost my pay pal address. But I did get refunded without having to file a pay pal dispute. I backed off for a while, until she came out with the charity collections. That package was very disappointing. The pots were no where near full. A few of them seemed to look more like samples. I gave Lela the benefit of the doubt, and shrugged it off as she was just really backed up. Then I saw that there were several girls complaining on the fan page that their pots were also not full. I sent an email at that time with no response. I still idiotically remained a fan. My next two purchases were in November. The first one never arrived. The second was my "christmas wishlist" that was sposed to be a good deal. I sent her $80 and my list, which she claims I was getting around $200 worth of product for that $80. It took forever to arrive, it was almost Christmas time when it did. Over a month it took. During this time my husband lost his job. Lela was on my friends list, and she saw posts about it I made on the fan page. Depressing posts. It was right around Christmas and I was upset wondering how we were going to give our kids a Christmas. Lela out of no where showed up on my IM telling me how sorry she was, and asking me if I needed anything. She asked if I needed any make up to tide me over. I told her that I have a package coming from her that should tied me over until we got back on our feet, at that point my christmas list still hadn't arrived. She then put $125 into my pay pal account and told me to give my kids a christmas. I told her I did not want it, that I didn't know when or if we could pay her back, but she insisted I not send it back to her. To me she was a god send. A few weeks later I got a package in the mail with stuff for my kids, mostly bored games, and stocking stuffers. The receipt was left in the box and it totaled $167 and some change. Around that same time I finally received my christmas list, which was wrong. Pigments were spilled, not full, no sifter stickers. Packaged very loosely. She sent sample size face fixers instead of full sized, I ordered glitter vials, instead she sent sample pigments in vials and only two when I was meant to get 5 vials of glitter. But after what she had done, I felt I had no place to complain and took what I got. The collections that I received with this order were also the first ones that gave me a reaction. Mostly blurred vision and itchy eyes. Mind you, I had several pigments from other orders that were never opened, so they very well could have been bad too if I used them. The chrome serum severely burned my eye lids as well as the liquid eye liner serum. I went on the fan page asking if the chrome serum was to be more on the liquid side or the gel side. I got conflicting answers. I ended up just throwing it away. With all the issues I kept running into, I felt I had no place to complain after what she did for me. I didn't make my first complaint until she admitted to my best friend that she couldn't remember what she put in the little girls kit. I don't have a little girls kit, but I do have a little girl, who gets into my make up all the time, so alarms went off in my head. I then started reading the blogs people were posting about leaving GS and listening to all the complaints instead of saying "well she did such a great thing for my family I can't believe she would do these things" I started asking questions, and sent several emails with no response. I was finally called an out of control bitch, simply because on a status of hers I said that I have a little girl at home and deserve to know if any of this will hurt her. I was then blocked, and several of the people who "liked" my comment were also deleted and blocked. My best friend spent some time on the phone with her, then called me. Pretty much Lela blamed redacted. She said that she never even saw any of my comments and that she did not delete me, that it was redacted deleting all of the negative comments and removing people. She said that Lela was crying saying that she couldn't believe that redacted would do this to her, that she was ruining her business. Still I remained blocked, and emails remained unanswered. BTW this was on her personal page, not her fan page. She says she gave redacted her password. I sent several emails asking for ingredient lists, and asking if it was safe, and what I should do. Not one email was answered. I did however receive and email on my facebook and not my yahoo, from some random Kristen girl (Note: Kristen was until recently a publicly identified employee of GS), asking me what she could do to clear the air between me and Lela. I pretty much told her that that situation was up to Lela to clear and I did not want to talk to her. At this point the recall list came out, and her "promise" was left on the fan page. After everything I just wanted to be done with GS and Lela, I did not want any ties to her. I sent several emails asking how I could pay her back for the money she put in my pay pal and for the package she sent. Not even those emails went answered. Her pay pal was closed or I would have just sent the money to her. I no longer had her address to send it via mail, and didn't know she was using google checkout at the time. I sent an email almost everyday for over a month, trying to send her the money, and they all went unanswered. The main reason I am telling you this story now is because I see still that a lot of girls have not gotten their refunds, and Lela is still using the "i'm broke" excuse. Well then how did she send me $292 (125 in my pay pal and 167 was the total of the package). I didn't have the money to send back to her, it was coming out of our tax refund. But as I said I wanted to cut all ties. I guess I just don't understand how she had almost $300 dollars to spend on kids she never even met, but posted on her page that she ran out of gas because her card was declined, and doesn't have money to send refunds, or to pay for postage. I kind of feel like a thief. I do want to send her her money back, but how? I also feel horrible for all the girls that are out so much money, but I was just sent that much for nothing. What Lela did for my family at christmas was amazing, but it does not excuse her actions for everything else.
I was contacted by an Artisan who donated items for the Charity Baskets raffled off in December 2010, benefiting TWLOHA, ASPCA, and GLAAD, funds we now know never reached the intended recipients. Lela Warren requested that items be sent for baskets in exchange for GlitterSniffer Cosmetics pigments in October 2010.
I ended up sending at least $200 of goods (what it cost me to make, actually retail price would be way more) and I was saddened to learn Lela never donated a cent of that to the cause it was claimed to be for.  She also never sent me anything in trade as discussed.  That didn't bother me as much as the fact that all money made off of my products went straight into her pocket.  Unfortunately this is the only email correspondence I still have in regards to it.  Everything else was deleted or was via wall posts.  I am no longer friends with Lela on Facebook. I can't access her wall and it would probably be impossible to find even if I was.

I posted previously about what happened to GlitterSniffer Cosmetics old stock post recall. As per the December 2010 statement the old stock was to be destroyed. Instead, it was sold off in a lot on Ebay. As seen in photos the Ebay lot was received by a GS fan who paid for it. Unfortunately, the fan who received the stock was not the one who actually won the Ebay auction. The fan who won the Ebay auction was to receive the lot as a replacement for previous missing orders.
ive been sitting back keeping my mouth shut in hopes to see my money back but since ive been waiting since end september begginging oct last year for over $400 and continuous excuses to not refund me (this is all orders i never recieved).

 i was also the girl who won lelas Ebay listing and was supposed to get that as a refund and extras.. she was gonna sell me all her left over stock including solid perfumes, once the bidding ended she then asked me to paypal her the money for the won item.... WTF i said, No you owe me over 400 dollars you agreed to take this out of my refund and she pretended she didnt know what i was going on about. then called me and told me she will throw in 70 solid perfumes and other doo-dads to make up the rest of the money oweing which never even added up and then she contacted me and said she couldnt afford postage so she can only send me a fraction of it.  (yeah that adds up..not) then she didnt contact at all and when i did get in contact with her she said she thought she explained she couldnt afford to send me the goods so she had already sold them which i suspect was all those random pigments sent out at the begining of the year! (Note: These were not sold as randoms but in a lot to a buyer who was aware they were old stock)(because she was selling these as she told me she couldnt afford postage and once she worked out i wasnt gonna send her anymore money).

she manipulated me into cancelling my paypal refund... so that closed and left me empty handed.
I emailed asking for my money since she wasnt gonna refund me and she said "i just dont have that kind of money, im sorry" im just so tired of trying to suck up to try get my money.  she since then has said on 4 different occasions that she has sent me a full set to make up for what i had not recieved then days later after she said that to me she said she was gonna post it in a few days, and to resend my mailing address, then i try to talk to her on chat i either get ignored or she answers with "it seems the only time you want to talk to me is about money and orders"..... well yeah i want my money! im going through financial difficulties and she will not give me a cent back or her bloody makeup. she has also asked me for my postal adress 7 times now

Emails and messages regarding this issue:
> Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 12:47:03 -0500
> Subject: Re: ebay etc..
> From: glittersniffercosmetics@gmail.com
> To: redacted
> Did you want to include all the solid perfumes I have? I can sell you those too :)
> On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 1:53 AM, redacted wrote:
> hi lela me again... i went thru all my paypal and i didnt add up an extra down payment i made aswell the whole amount in money i have sent to you for all of this is
> $404.70 AUD
> --------------------
> $27.62
> $19.00 (down payment for all the grab bags etc)
> $122.59
> $235.49 
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2011 20:55:38 -0500
Subject: Hey girl!
From: glittersniffercosmetics@gmail.com
To: redacted

I'm not mad at you! Just not sure what you're asking me, as soon as I get your payment for the eBay listing I can mail your box out, let me know if you need the PayPal email address again: )
As soon as my help gets here we're going to go to the Post office! I will return with a tracking number! Please e-mail me tonight around 9EST for that! My address is listed here: http://www.glittersniffercosmetics.com/recall.html
GS Cosmetics

On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 7:07 AM, redacted wrote:
Hi lela, just emailing to find out if you have sent my ebay items and the 70 solid perfumes and bath items ???  plz plz plz plz plz email me asap to let me know,... ive got  your aussie pressie ill be sending it either friday or monday latest but i need your addy so i can post it to you lol or it will sit here and get dusty lol

(i hope my emails dont sound rude, u know im not lol )
 im such a tool sometimes hahahah
luv redacted
  • To lela glittersniffer

Hi this is an email explaining things in detail, i put details in with what i was supposed to be refunded which came to $404 AUD and to let u know also i couldnt claim the $27.62 nor the $19 becaause it was out of the 45 day barrier...

 i was under the impression that you agreed to let me pay for the ebay listing out of my refund and the remainder $154.7 left of my refund to go towards postage solid perfume and bath products, so that you kept my refund and that would of paid for the ebay items and the bath and perfumes?

 if you dont agree to it can you please let me know because i will not be able to send you anymore money than i already have $404 is alot of money to me.  im a little upset because we discussed this over FB chat and it was the plan :( im trying to be helpful to showing you everything and proving to you im not trying to con you, im an honest person.
 :( sorry lela , please let me know if we can do it this way.... also just letting you know on fb u sid if i didnt win the listing you'de refund me on friday but i won it anyway ,  i hope u can remember :(

love redacted

my postal address:

contact numbers:

i looked it up and all those other numbers are supposed to be the code and overseas numbers to dial to make it work :S not sure about the mob/cell one thats prob why it didnt work last time you tried to call me ..... :S

transactions and orders information for you to browse:  

Payment details
Amount: $225.00 USD
Transaction Date: 18 November 2010
Transaction ID: 9D6308480G1510011
Currency conversion: $235.49 AUD = $225.00 USD

*Diamonds and pearls
*EPIC double rainbow
*Greens collection
*Mattes collection
*Cocktail collection
*Metallic collection
*80's collection
*christmas lights
*wicked collection
*princess bride collection
*the new 25 colour collection one that your making

Payment details
Amount: $119.00 USD
Transaction Date: November 3, 2010
Transaction ID: 15B9344788232623M
Currency conversion: $122.59 AUD = $119.00 USD
The exchange rate for this purchase is 1 AUD = 0.970715 USD

the order
3Xgrab bags , 1Xultimate xmas bag , 6 solid perfumes...
The customer never received her products, the listing she won, or a refund.

I want to thank everyone for sharing.

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