Monday, February 21, 2011

For Every Action There Is An Equal But Opposite Reaction

I beg your indulgence as I pause briefly in presenting information on GlitterSniffer Cosmetics business practices.

Lela Warren visited the GlitterSniffer Complaints Facebook page this evening. It went as expected. Lela has been asked numerous times by the admins to preschedule her visits so that a productive discussion can be ensured. She again refused to comply with this request. That it degenerated fairly quickly is putting it mildly, to say the least.

There were valid questions that were being asked, but they were lost in the flurry of emotion. Not all responses from both sides are what one would have hoped they would be. That is unfortunate, as this is the first time in a long while that people have had unfettered access to Lela, and the possibility of some answers.

Here is the thread in its entirety should you wish to review it. I will not rehash it. There is one specific portion that I would like to address, however.

This exchange came shortly after Lela requested I get my "group" under control. It is edited only to remove a single persons personally identifying information.

I would like to take a moment to state what will hopefully be my only personal comment on this matter.

My name is Frances Danger and I write the GlitterSniffer Complaints blog.

We live with the circumstances we are given. My personal circumstance necessitated my starting this anonymously. That circumstance has not changed, but others have. To put it bluntly, I will not be bullied or have the veiled threat of the release of my personal information held over my head. Knowledge is power, and I refuse to let a woman who would knowingly sell unsafe cosmetics to trusting consumers, refuse refunds to those that so rightly deserve them, and outright use funds that were raised in good faith for various charities for her own personal use have any power over me.

I was never a GlitterSniffer fan and I will not be mistreated as so many others have.

That the page and blog exist is a direct consequence of the choices and decisions made by GlitterSniffer Cosmetics and its proprietor, Lela Warren. As I have stated previously had GS Cosmetics simply followed every rule and guideline when they started business, from using FDA approved ingredients, FDA approved labeling, shipping the exact products that were ordered, shipping in a timely manner, followed safe and sanitary formulating and packaging procedures, respecting all TOS of any site they utilized, donated all money raised for charity in a timely manner, and met all commitments to their consumers in good faith NONE of this would have happened.

There is a monster that was created, but the onus of that does not lay at my feet. I am nothing more than a girl who purchased a product in good faith that wanted a refund when it became clear that product was unusable. It was simply circumstance that after seeing all the information and the complete lack of responsibility on the part of this company I felt I could not walk away, no matter how much I was refunded. That the company and its proprietor are once again deflecting any kind of responsibility clearly illustrates how this situation came to be, and lends credence to the thought that it will not be over any time soon.

This changes nothing, save for putting a name to the posts. I will continue to research, to post, and to do everything in my power to ensure that every consumer has enough information to make a safe, informed decision as GlitterSniffer Cosmetics has not seen fit to do it themselves. These issues have gone on far too long and affected too many people to let it go.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to continuing the blog in the hopes that everyone is fully informed and that every deserving customer gets the refund they are owed.


  1. I followed that chat from the shadows and she was totally being weird, and this coming from someone who still kinda likes GS. It made a VERY bad impression on her part. If she wants the company to succeed, all she has to do is do what she promises. I hope everyone receives the proper refund and sincere apologies they deserve. Props Frances for taking action for what you feel is right and thank you for doing so in a very professional manner.

  2. Stars, I hope you rethink your use of GS cosmetics after reading Carolyn's statement that Lela never wore gloves and would smoke, use the bathroom and return to work without washing.


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