Saturday, July 30, 2011

GlitterSniffer Cosmetics- TOSing Amazon Payments Out The Window

GlitterSniffer Cosmetics re-relaunched today with Amazon Payments as their payment processor.  The company announced that shipments would not commence for two weeks due to a hold on funds from their new payment processor.

In terms of the refund process, for those that chose to pursue it, this would seem to be a heartening development. However, it appears the company once again did not read the not so fine print.

From Amazon Payments:
Note: To be paid by Amazon Payments, you must confirm shipment of your orders.
And what is 'confirming shipment' for Amazon Payments?
Confirm Shipment
Confirming shipment means that you tell us when you hand over the order to the shipping carrier. A shipping confirmation includes the date (and even time) the order was dropped off, as well as the shipping carrier used for delivery. Most domestic carrier services provide a way to check the status of a delivery while it's in transit, from the moment they receive the package until the time it's delivered to the customer. Your customers will love the extra convenience and peace-of-mind this offers as they can anticipate getting your items. See Confirming My Shipments for information on confirming shipping.

 After you ship your order, you confirm shipment. Confirming shipment is required —you simply tell us that you've sent the order, including the date sent, the carrier used, and any tracking information about the package. As soon as you confirm shipment, we'll charge the customer. If you do not confirm shipment, then you are not be paid for the order. After 30 calendar days have elapsed since an order was placed, we'll automatically cancel it. See the User Agreement for more information.

In order for GlitterSniffer Cosmetics to confirm shipment they must actually ship the item. For GS to be paid the order must be confirmed. So, if a+b then c. According to their payment processor GS must ship out the product (and confirm that shipment with carrier info, date, and tracking number) prior to the customer being charged, negating GS' assertion that they cannot ship for two weeks due to waiting on funds from their payment processor. Either they plan to ship prior to confirming shipment and charge to the customer as per the terms set forth by their payment processor or they are planning to confirm shipments without actually sending the items, a probable violation of the terms of their new payment processor. From the announcement on the main screen of their new website it appears to be the latter.

Another interesting thing to note is that Amazon Payments has a very specific set of requirements for their sellers, as per their User Agreement (TOS). One in particular is their standards for Privacy Policies:
(g) if you use the Service for business purposes, you will accurately describe your use of Personal Information and your use of our Services in your Privacy Policy

Amazon Payment requires a posted Privacy Policy in order to use their service. This is what is currently posted on the GlitterSniffer Cosmetics site in regards to their terms:

There is no Privacy Policy listed on the Terms of Use page for the new GS site. In fact there is no Privacy Policy listed ANYWHERE on the site.

Lela Warren posted on the GS Cosmetics Fan Page on 7/11/11 that
 I am taking my time to make sure everything is done properly as well efficiently.

One cancelled payment processor and two seeming TOS violations on the new payment processor an hour into relaunch does not seem proper or efficient.

I'd like to make absolutely clear that my goal, as it has always been, has been refunds for all those affected by GS' past business practices. It was Lela Warren's own terms that it must be done by a successful relaunch of GlitterSniffer Cosmetics. While I'd like nothing more than to post about said refunds and bring this matter to rest 'successful relaunch' does not just mean reopening and selling. It means abiding by every rule, regulation, law,and TOS that GS agreed to when they opened for business. Until GS can not only commit to doing that but show in their actions and business practices that it is being done every single minute that they are in business the launch will continue to see issues. And that responsibility lies with GlitterSniffer Cosmetics and GlitterSniffer Cosmetics alone.

During the writing and editing of this post GlitterSniffer Cosmetics sold out of at least one listing, The Control Freak 3 Stack.

There is still no Privacy Policy listed on the site. By initiating these sales without listing this policy GlitterSniffer Cosmetics has now, without question, violated Amazon Payments User Agreement.



  1. One thing kind of bugs me about the new site, since I was under the impression that recipes would be made and kept of every color.

    "GS is currently in a unique spot as far as our product line goes. We are in the process of creating an entirely new line. Because of this factor, these samples do not have "Names" as our fan base (I <3 you guys!!) would refer to them as. However, we have set aside one of every color you might possibly receive in these Teaser Packs so we are easily able to recreate them, should the high demand arise."


    It's not easy to recreate a color just by having a sample of it,at least not as easy as simply keeping a copy of everything that went into it!

    I'm sorry if this shouldn't be put here, I just noticed it today and it made me wonder.

  2. Jynx- Thanks so much for your comment. I noticed this as well. It's actually part of one of the drafts I'm working on for publication sometime this week. It certainly would go a long way in explaining the disclaimer about variances in color.


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