Thursday, February 3, 2011

Promises, Promises

Posted October 23, 2010:

Posted exactly 2 months later, December 23, 2010:
Emphasis is not mine.
 Let's take this point by point.

I promise to treat you how I would like to be treated.
Currently GlitterSniffer Cosmetics is refusing to refund anyone for a period of at least 6 months. It can be surmised from this promise that GlitterSniffer Cosmetics new policy is to send out product to all of their customers but not expect payment for 6 months. After all, they want to treat everyone the way they would like to be treated. But we also know that they are currently billing their customers upfront, expecting payment before remitting product. If we go by this promise, treating people as they want to be treated, then GlitterSniffer Cosmetics will immediately refund everyone that is owed money via company check or bank issued money order sent via certified mail or start delaying billing for all current customers for 6 months. As waiting 6 months to receive payment makes absolutely no business sense, it also makes absolutely no logical sense that GS would refuse anyone a timely refund that they rightfully deserve

I will answer all emails within 24 hours.  
From GlitterSniffer Cosmetics Recall FAQ

Here is the reality of the situation:
And this is not the only complaint of emails not being answered, just the most recent.
I promise you the highest quality cosmetics money can buy.
See here (where you can also see one of Vanessa Barfields Tattoo Bags that she was never paid for), here, here, and here. This latest review, while better, still shows evidence of improper packaging and a less than hoped for texture to some of the products.

I promise quality control that all color will remain consistent.
For GlitterSniffer Cosmetics definition of slight variations see here.

I promise to grow at my own speed and keep my priorities straight.
This is where GS priorities lie.
GlitterSniffer Cosmetics is not issuing refunds, but is instead giving away free samples.

From this point forward, we will only be selling through our official GlitterSniffer Cosmetics website.
Here is GS Artfire and their (possibly unused but still active) Big Cartel.

We are discarding all of our old stock...
The old stock was not discarded, but was instead sold off in a lot (see here). And here are purported photos of the actual pigments received by the buyer, posted to the Glittersniffer Complaints Facebook.

All ingredients that could be found in our products will be listed on the GS website.
And further, agreeing to provide specific ingredients:

Here is a current listing for the Harajuku Collection on Artfire.No specific ingredients, just a vague "may contain..."
This ingredients list differs from the one posted on the official site for the full collection, but matches the ingredients for the sample sizes.
Do you know what you are putting on your eyes?
Does GlitterSniffer Cosmetics know what you are putting on your eyes?
We have applied for a business license in the state of Michigan.
No, GlitterSniffer Cosmetics. No you haven't.

Out of the nine promises and commitments made by GlitterSniffer Cosmetics since October 23 none of them have been honored.

2/9/11 ETA: Corrected a link to a blog post showing the tattoo bags and product packaging.


  1. This is good info. And again thank you so much for helping other people see this.

  2. Meg- Thank you. I only hope that presenting this information will aid in consumers making a safe, informed decision.

  3. It's like the last 2 months didn't actually happen.. everything is back to the way it was, except people seem to be actually receiving things right now. Maybe this is just my pessimism talking, but I wonder how long even that will last..

  4. Blu- I wouldn't say everyone was receiving things. From the GS Fan Page, posted 4 hours ago:
    So got my shipment but was missing two things still happy as hell though

    Isn't this how it started the last time?

  5. Thanks for this.

    I wouldt say everyone is recieving things Blu. I havent recieved anything from her...Not even the gifts she promised to give my family for chistmas. I find it really bad that she did something like this =/

    Thanks for this thread =)

  6. It's just so ridiculous that anyone still believes/supports/shops with her. What the hell? She just lies continually until people start complaining loudly enough, and then she apologises dramatically and lies some more, and it just goes around and around.

    I certainly don't believe that she will ever realistically change. I hope she's thrown in jail so she can't keep doing this. Then she'd probably try and sell neon cigarettes ._.

  7. I know who bought the ebay listing.. and guess what, she hasn't gotten them. Go figure.

  8. I am sorry for anybody that has had any bad experiences with her - I have just recently learned of all the things that went wrong with this company and it's quite sad.

  9. After huge blowouts, things always go smoothly-ish... for a while. Only this time, a LOT of people left... so now it's the new girls who will have the several knockdown, blowouts, before they leave.


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