Sunday, February 20, 2011

Others Experiences

In the past few days there have been several people who have retracted their support of GlitterSniffer Cosmetics, including Admins who were very close to the situation. Here is one of their stories. The person in question recently visited the company for a stay and has now left because of what she observed.
I left because of highly unsanitary conditions that I observed while at the rescidence of Lela Warren. She does NOT wear gloves. She told me upon entering her basement "office" that she did not wear gloves but I was not to say anything about it. And on top of this, for someone so close to the products you wear on your eyes, I would not be so trusting. She will use the restroom and smoke a cigarette but not wash her hands and go right back to work. This is disgusting.
I want to thank the woman for sharing. I hope this information is valuable to those that are still using the products and that they are able to use it to make a safe, informed decision.


  1. I wish these women would come out of the closet instead of staying anonymous. Knowing that a real person is actually behind this information would go a long way toward convincing more people how horrible Lela's practices are. So many of us are out in the open that there is plenty of support. I fail to see what is served by staying anonymous.

  2. Krissi- I apologize. Generally I make it clear in my post that I am the one who is removing the PII for streamlining purposes. As that has been my practice all along I did not change it for this post. The person has publicly retracted her support on the Facebook page.

  3. Krissi, I am not afraid to take responsibility for this post. I stayed with Lela very recently.

  4. Uggg that is just disgusting. Thank you for this information. I just wish more people would inform themselves with facts and not BS!

  5. this is disgusting. i always wash my hands whenever i even sit down to do my makeup....and she's packaging up products to sell without being sanitary?

    the whole denial, lying, stealing thing is enough. but this is just absolutely grotesque. wow.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I have no problem with these women staying Anonymous for fear of retaliation. I think what these women have done in no longer supporting the company is at least a "first" step from them as huge supporters and is a positive sign.
    I completely understand and that was why I asked for my own story to remain anonymous. However, I have no problem now stating the reactions I've had and that I am no longer a customer or loyal "supporter" of Glittersniffer Cosmetics.

    I find it disgusting that Lela wouldn't even wash her hands after using the restroom let alone smoking.

  8. How hard can it be to put on a pair of gloves?! Why does she have to make it into a big conspiracy...

  9. This makes me so upset. I am HUNDREDS of dollars in with pigments that I don't feel comfortable using. I have 400+ colors and no clue what to do with them?! Ahfinftikvduhcaeqwoontcbbdk!!!!!!! I am so damn frustrated right now.

  10. Taylor, use some to make craft paint, nail polish, anything else pretty much. Possibly soap.

  11. I tried to mix a pink pigment (Profanity) with nail polish and it didn't work because of the soap dyes. In that case, they'd probably make great soaps/candles. I'm sorry for your wasted money Taylor. It's stories like yours that make me so angry.

  12. Carolyn,

    Thank you for coming forward and Frances, thank you for doing the same (and for clarifying that you redacted her identifying info and why). As the first of her 'models' to step out publicly against Lela, I have experienced a lot of backlash, mostly in the form of being called a liar by her supporters who accused me of having a personal vendetta against Lela. She and her supporters see anonymous posts and believe it's the same few people with several fake logins spreading "the hate."

    By remaining anonymous (which it appears won't be an issue much longer), the stories amount to little more than hearsay. I'm very VERY glad to see this endeavor turning a corner. Perhaps there will be some headway made toward shutting her operation down permanently.

  13. I can completely understand why people want to remain anonymous who wants to be glitter mobbed? Not to mention having to deal with Lela Warren and her episodes. If people don't believe them then maybe they should go to the complaints page and read what is being said there I see ALOT of women using their real profiles voicing their opinions.
    I think some people need to remember that there was one young lady who came out against GS and the fact she was selling non safe products long before anyone else did. What happened to her... she was attacked and called a liar and made fun of. I hope some of those who attacked her have made apologies to her.

  14. While I understand why some people would not want to "come out," information from anonymous sources isn't much more than gossip. It's a little more, but not much.

    And yes, people did come out against Lela earlier in 2010 than I did (followed immediately by all but one of the remaining GS spokes models), but many of the posts were angry and unfocused. Since December, many of the people who have stepped forward have done so in a focused and calm, clear manner. Don't think we weren't upset, it's just many of us realized that someone is more likely to listen to you if you are reasonable and refrain from calling people names.

    For about a week after my first post, Lela tried e-mailing, IMing, calling and texting me. I did not answer a single one of those and she quickly tired of me and left me alone. She loves conflict and enjoys getting under people's skins - take that away and she goes elsewhere.

  15. I remember seeing your posts harassing girls speaking out against GS. Also, you were on the bandwagon recently on Phyrra’s blog-mobbing on Grey for not liking Madd Style. Just because you want to call yourself the originator of the anti-GS ...movement doesn’t make you the originator. Many people spoke out before you, over A YEAR before you “came out” and you defended Lela, multiple times and rather meanly. Many of us remember your condescending comments for continuing to fight the GS machine but you had “moved on.” The true hero here is Grace/Frances. She kept up this fight, anonymously, without any need for attention and for the sole reason to bring awareness to all. Once you were done Krissi, you abandoned the whole thing unless it brought you pseudo-notoriety. Frances kept it up, even after receiving her refund, because she cares about more than herself.

  16. If anyone thinks for one second that Krissi started all this to gain notoriety, or for self gain, then I truly feel sorry for that person. Frances/Grace had one sale from Lela and, as far I am aware, wasn't that close to Lela. Krissi, on the other hand, was a close friend and supporter of Glittersniffer Cosmetics. She had spent over $1000 dollars with the company and had just found out that it was all unsafe. I think the hardest thing for her was that someone she thought was a friend, betrayed her without any care or concern.

    When all of this came to light, everybody reacted differently. As someone who had spent over $1500, I was immediately angry. But I was never close to Lela and quickly got over my anger. I can say that as of today, Lela and GS mean nothing to me. I am no longer angry, upset, bitter or sad. I could easily move on. But not everyone can. Krissi was not one of those people. So if it appears that she made this big announcement and then just disappeared when it was no longer about her, you are assuming that is what happened. In reality, she had to back away for her own sanity and mental health. I believe that she is just now coming back to the subject because some of the hurt, anger, sadness, whatever you want to call it, is finally subsiding.

    To say that Krissi only cares for herself, is just plain ignorant and stupid. But thats your opinion and you are certainly entitled to it. In reality, it couldn't be farther from the truth.

  17. Is there really a point in attacking ANYONE here? I don't think so. We don't know anyone's heart, but we can know what Lela is doing through picture evidence and first hand accounts. If anyone should be gone after in this it is Lela. Stop attacking each other and focus on justice.

  18. Mariah is entitled to her opinions about me. Her facts are a bit skewed, but I see little point in correcting them since it doesn't matter in the big scheme of things.

    However, I will say that there are no "heroes" here. Only one villain: Lela Warren.

  19. That's right. There is one villain and that is Lela. It doesn't matter who has kept up what page, etc. or who came out first. We have all been affected. I knew from my first few interactions with the GS page and Lela that things were just not kosher. I was verbally attacked, but moved on.

    I went about and filed with every agency doing my own homework. I shared with who wanted to know and had to step away, like Krissi, for my own mental health, as well. I would have loved to stay on the FB complaints page, but it was consuming a lot of me. I can't let Lela get more of me. She already took my money and trust in other Indie companies. I'm afraid to buy Indie.

    I don't think anyone should attack here. I think we should do what we feel is best for us in our situations - whether it's toss all your makeup, find a reputable company or file reports...or move on.

  20. All- I apologize for the lack of comment. I was busy with work.

    The focus should be on the main issue here, the business conduct of GlitterSniffer Cosmetics. How anyone chooses to handle their own experience with the company is up to them. I have always said that I started this to get my own refund. There is nothing heroic about that at all. I have continued it because there needs to be a sea change in the way the business is run. People have a right to know all the facts. No one story or experience is more important than the other. They are ALL important.

    And it is time consuming. I have a heavy heart from everything I've found in my research and people coming forward. No one can be faulted for stepping away. It is something I struggle with daily, but the choice to continue is just that, my choice. Everyone must do what is best for them. There has been enough destruction in this situation and everyone has the right to protect themselves the best way they know how.


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