Saturday, February 5, 2011

Glittersniffer Cosmetics Mascara- NOT APPROVED FOR EYE USE

I have been made aware that at least one of the mascaras sold by GlitterSniffer Cosmetics is not approved for eye use. Specifically, it is the neon pink included in this sample listing.

An email was sent to GlitterSniffer Cosmetics today regarding the neon pink sold in the listing. The response from GlitterSniffer Cosmetics was that the mascara that was purchased is cosmetically approved, but not eye approved. It is not clear if this applies to all the mascaras in the sample listing or just the pink.

There are no mascaras on the recall list. Here is what GlitterSniffer Cosmetics had to say about nonrecalled product safety:

The email sent to GlitterSniffer Cosmetics today requested ingredients for the mascara but none were provided. 

This discovery calls into question GlitterSniffer Cosmetics assertion that nonrecalled products are safe. There has been no effort on the part of the company to publicize the mascara as not approved for eye use, and the issue is only now coming to light because someone asked. People should not have to double check if what they were sold for use on the eyes is indeed meant for use on the eyes. At this point, unless there is an announcement about all ingredients specific to each product (for pigments by shade or color) and uses for every product sold by GlitterSniffer Cosmetics from 2006-Present, it might be safer to assume that none of them can be used as they were originally intended.

I contacted a cosmetics maker with 12 years formulating experience and was advised of the following in regards to mascara:
Because of the water content and preservative issue, it is a product I don't even make because of the potential for bacteria. You have to add a preservative and do testing to ensure no bacteria/molds growing...The open clamshell containers present a HUGE potential for contamination. Aside from the bacterial safety issue...the pink color looks quite similar to the reaction of the neon pink when added to a silicone gel.
Here is a test done in a clean lab. It shows a non eye approved neon pink added to a silicone gel with no preservative, which looks strikingly similar to the pink in the listing.

Without specific ingredients it is not known if there was a preservative added to inhibit bacterial growth in any of GlitterSniffer Cosmetics mascaras.

I present the information here so that anyone who purchased these products can make an informed decision about using the non eye approved pink mascara, and about the possibility of product safety issues with GS mascaras in general.


  1. I still can't believe she even made these unsafe products, but the fact that she is clearly still not being truthful about them makes me sick.. it shouldn't take someone calling her out in an email for these things to come to light.

  2. Blu- Agreed that it shouldn't take someone asking for this to be made public.If I had the time I'd go through each individual Etsy listings and products sold on the website and send a massive email asking for each ones specific ingredients and uses. That shouldn't have to happen, but it appears that is the only way anyone is going to get complete disclosure about anything the company has sold.

  3. Her "solution" for the problem of leaving out beeswax on this one - simply apply it over your regular mascara - is laughable.

    "We won't put anything non-vegan in ours (ed: as if) but we will promote you buying non-vegan mascara from someone else to wear under it."


  4. I bought a full-size tube of this, I am the reason she even made the lime green one (custom I asked for). Let me tell you, this sh*t SUCKED. It did not show up at all & took like an hour to dry.

  5. Brittany- Can I ask, was it labeled with ingredients at all?

  6. So what exactally did she think we would do with Mascara that wasnt eye safe?

  7. KissableBeauty, that was exactly what i was thinking. A lot of GS's retaliations seem to be "It's cosmetic safe but not eyesade :)" She knows very well what her customers are intending on using it for. What other reason would you purchase a mascara?
    You could buy neon hair mascara around halloween time for dirty cheap, and most people (I would hope) know better then to use that or spraypaint in their eyes.... So, yet again, I'm baffled why people continue to purchase products from her, that are known irritants and are not meant to be applied to the eyes.

  8. No the mascara was not labeled, it was just wrapped with a sticker that had a Marilyn Monroe quote on it.

  9. Brittany - I am pretty sure I bought the lime green one from you (or maybe it was another Brittany?) Anyways - it did suck. I never used it, just chucked it. No ingredients etc, just a horrible horrible product!!

  10. Yes Kristen I believe I sold you my replacement tube Lela sent me & I didn't even bother with it since the first was so bad. Lela should know herself that if it doesn't work for her, its not going to work for anyone else!

  11. I have that pink one! I just got a sample one though. It didn't show up and took forever to dry so I never used it again.
    And no, the clamshell wasn't labeled.


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